If you have not had the pleasure of hiring a hot tub previously and want to know what happens and how we do things the sections below will hopefully help, but if you still have a burning question please feel free to contact us directly and we will be happy to help. You can contact us by clicking the button below or follow the contact us button below.

1. When We Arrive

All of our delivery staff are uniformed for your peace of mind.

We will be very friendly and say hello and discus with you the best position for the hot tub. We will need access to a power supply this can either be inside or ideally and outside socket. We will also need access to a water supply this can be an outside tap or we do carry fittings for some kitchen taps. (If you wish to fill the hot tub with hot water we would normally connect to the kitchen tap to do this).  

Team Photo
Team Photo

2. Setting Up The Hot Tub

We lay down our protective and heat retaining floor mats leaving enough so you have somewhere to stand when you get in or out of the hot tub this means that our hot tubs can be placed on practically any surface as long it is is level. Once this has been done we put together the hot tub, as it is filling the hot tub is treated with the correct dose of chlorine shock which sanitises the water.

( We will only use high quality treatments to condition the water ).