So whether you’re planning a birthday party, a garden event or you simply want a romantic weekend at home with your loved one, make your hot tub hire experience that little bit more special with one or more of our add-on's from as little as £5.00

Spazaaz Aromatherapy

Treat yourself to this all natural blend of botanicals, Aloe Vera and enhanced fragrance longevity that will help alleviate stress and tension while leaving your skin feeling soft and shine with a healthy glow.

Add-on From £6.00

Muscle Soak

Energy Soak

Aloha Paradise plus many more.

Water Conditioner

Aqua Sparkle Hot Tub Conditioner Aqua Sachet is a single use sachet treatment containing a blend of compounds which will enhance the quality and feel of spa water and prevent Biofilm forming in spa pipework. This Hot Tub Conditioner also contains lavender oil for an enhanced bathing experience.


Soft Conditioned water

Less Chemicals needed to treat the water

Lavender Oil

changing tent

Changing Tent

Want to save that carpet the changing tent is ideal for your family and guests to change in.

ADD-ON FOR £10.00

1.9 Meters Tall

Water Proof

Pop Up